Ups & Downs


On January 13th and 14th, we produced our first evening length work. In the face of all kinds of real life, it went well. It was a diptych, two nights of performance, to make one piece. The show consisted of many tasks: dishes to be washed, chairs to be carried, beer to be poured, and an exercise ball to be pushed up the stairs. It was Sisyphean. We even read the myth at the start.

The first night was the the theatrical version: where we enacted the Sisyphus myth framed by some tools of theater – an outside narrator, live music, and a clear beginning and ending with eternity merely implied. The second night we set ourselves to the Minimal Version. This one we let a machine tell the tale, used a soft beginning and ended after the last audience member parted. We began at 8:00 PM and closed the space at 1:15 AM.

Thank you to everyone who came out. For those that could not make it there was video shot of the first night. It is coming…

Andrew Sargus Klein wrote a review. Read it here!



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