AKIMBO – reviewed

We performed in the 5th annual AKIMBO festival on September 10th, 2016. At 4:00 PM we began at the corner of Guilford and Oliver Streets. We made our way down the Oliver to the corner of Greenmount Ave. It took us two hours. People came and watched. One of them, Andrew Sargus Klein, included us in a review of the event.

“Movement artist Peter Redgrave and composer/longtime collaborator Khristian Weeks created the most original and wonderfully bizarre performance of the day…”



We made a teaser with D. Weeks, which remains a highlight of the experience. I have not enjoyed creating as much as I did that night. Roaring laughter in public as the three of us wrote the credits.

Here is a video of the closing, shot by Heather Romney (who also took the photos above).

Thanks to all the folks that saw the whole piece, and to Liz Durette for letting us wrestle her ladder.


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  1. Michael Willis says:

    Thanks for the memory!

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